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If you are using software like Visual Basic then you will have to consider using Windows server over Linux for Web Hosting. Before you actually make the crucial decision of which server you are going to opt for you can consult the web design company you are hiring for your website design. This is necessary because they can exactly tell you what software you need and which server will be better in Web Hosting for your site. Scripting programs like ASP and Virtual Basic can work ideally only with your Windows server. Beside programs designed by Microsoft companies, you can have many interactive features on your Windows server in a better way.

When it comes to handling the interactive or extravagant features, there is nothing like the Windows server. It might not be as inexpensive as Web Hosting through Linux server but what you have to keep in mind is that Windows can use much interactive software in the long term for your website development and website maintenance. The best place to organize, store and disseminate data is through Microsoft applications that you can find in a Windows server and hence for online interactions this is the better option.

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How to edit my website?

A CMS, generally known as a content management system which is fundamentally a control panel which simply allows you to alter your website that too without any requisition for you to modify your HTML or other code.

You do not require any kind of technical website knowledge to manage and update your Website Design; hence it is a major advantage of using CMS on your website. Regulating basic changes in the code using HTML or other web script can be remarkably obscure and necessitate you to remember several combinations of code. A CMS can easily amend your Best website design as has been already programmed to do so.

A content management system can be provided to you in all shapes and sizes, in fact some a quite candid and further limited to edit your Self editable website while others need more training but can edit every part of your website if mastered once.

Even your Joomla websites require CSS to keep the text, module header and background colors, heading, etc throughout your site. You can use CSS file to edit the color of your content heading, text or background page color. Along with all this you can also change the name of images file that show up, color of you links and background of your menus.

The HTML notifies your template about where to pull in modules and include footer on your template (depending on the template). This is also the point where you can alter the footer text on your template if you want to do so. Few templates have some substitutes in the HTML file such as creating your template right justified, centred or left justified. Many of them also permit Self editable website the whole color scheme from HTML file. It is probably as easy as typing the name of the color or entering a "0" or "1". The prime job of HTML file is to acquaint your Joomla Self editable website template what to pull into files from your server and where to display them.

Steps :

  1. Log in to your website admin panel
  2. In the row of menus top, go to "site"
  3. In the drop down menus Choose template manager
  4. Select the website templates in the menu that slides out to the side
  5. When the web page loads, Select the box next to the default web template.
  6. Click to Edit the CSS of the web template in the top right corner.
  7. As per your requirement Make the changes to your CSS file.
  8. Save the web template by Clicking the disk icon

You require duplicating one of the original styles and putting it on the list while developing new sites design. Remember to create the new model on the basis of original. Hence,you can easily customize the new one.

Here are the detail steps to change your Joomla templates:

  1. Copy the web template folder in Templates and name the folder with your own name.
  2. Customize the templateDetails.xml.
  3. Upload it to web site.
  4. Ensure that your new formate placed in Template Manager. Compose that as the default without other task in any other formate.
  5. Website is Self editable and its make easy to edit HTML and CSS by using Edit HTML and Edit CSS buttons that available in Templates Manager.
  6. After you Edit HTML, you have to replace the illustration of the default outline path with the new one.
  7. You can check the module which will be published in Module Manager (Module -> Site Module). It will show you the module that will be published in a certain position.
  8. To change the word style of text in the user interface, find the define constant in Language/English.php