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If you are using software like Visual Basic then you will have to consider using Windows server over Linux for Web Hosting. Before you actually make the crucial decision of which server you are going to opt for you can consult the web design company you are hiring for your website design. This is necessary because they can exactly tell you what software you need and which server will be better in Web Hosting for your site. Scripting programs like ASP and Virtual Basic can work ideally only with your Windows server. Beside programs designed by Microsoft companies, you can have many interactive features on your Windows server in a better way.

When it comes to handling the interactive or extravagant features, there is nothing like the Windows server. It might not be as inexpensive as Web Hosting through Linux server but what you have to keep in mind is that Windows can use much interactive software in the long term for your website development and website maintenance. The best place to organize, store and disseminate data is through Microsoft applications that you can find in a Windows server and hence for online interactions this is the better option.

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Website development and Services Nowdays

Today in this world of internet the term website has become very common term for the people. Website is nothing but series of web pages which gives you information about certain things on the World Wide Web.

Each and every website has the importance in the respective fields. Let us start with E commerce websites or electronic commerce websites which has gained popularity among users in the recent past. These are the websites which offers buying or selling of products or services over the internet.

However, E commerce website is more than buying or selling products online. E commerce websites also includes the process of marketing, delivering and paying for product and services online. E commerce website uses, internet marketing, online transaction, inventory management, online data management.

However, E commerce website is more than buying or selling products online. E commerce websites also includes the process of marketing, delivering and paying for product and services online. E commerce website uses, internet marketing, online transaction, inventory management, online data management.

E commerce websites are not easy to manage or design internally. For example, the buyer can track his list of items selected by him in the shopping cart but shopping cart is separate software used in ecommerce to assist people making online purchase.

The shopping cart software is developed separately which acts as an online store catalog but the buyer does not have idea about it. In British English shopping cart means shopping baskets which is given to the customers to carry their items.

In ecommerce shopping cart keeps the track of the items which is selected by the buyer and it is updated in the order list also, without shopping cart it would have been very difficult for a buyer to purchase items from ecommerce web sites, now as shopping cart software is there it has become very easy for both companies as well as buyers as shopping cart software is sold separately so that companies can integrate it to their E commerce website.

Like E commerce websites there are other kinds of websites which are called Website portal, they are websites which acts as a point of access for information on the internet. Website portal are used to search information from different sources, so Website portal is nothing but a standard search engine. There are other services also which is offered by Website portal like e-mail, news, stock prices and entertainment.

Examples of public Web portal are AOL, Excite, iGoogle, MSN, Netvibes, and Yahoo!.

There are many types of Website portal which is separated as per the knowledge shared by them like

  • Personal Website portal
  • News Website portal
  • Government Website portal
  • Corporate Website portal
  • Health & Medical Website portal

Websites or Website portal are designed or developed using different software or programming languages. Programming languages are used whenever there is some interaction in the websites or if any data storage is done. There is a buzz word in the market about PHP web development in the market. PHP is a scripting language used for website development to build interactive web pages.

PHP web development has become very popular because they can be used in standalone graphic applications and they can be deployed in most of the web servers. PHP web development is used because PHP runs on a web server and it is especially suited to server side website development.

The popularity of the PHP web development is increasing because it can be used on many operating systems and supports many database management systems and above all PHP is free of cost. Server side scripting is the main key factor of PHP web development.

In the upcoming market, now designing websites is not difficult as you can find so many Freelance web designer on the internet. Freelance web designer is somebody who is not working with any company and works according to the requirement of his specific clients.

Freelance web designers are the perfect choice for small scale companies who cannot afford big designer companies. Not only Freelance web designer but there are other tools also which helps you a lot like self editable websites developed by using Joomla or Wordpress. If you assign the task of building website to any Freelance web designer or any company you have to pay them for every updates they make and have to bare all the endless deadlines they give but, self editable websites give you the freedom of updating your website whenever you want.

The key part of self editing website is that you don't need to have the knowledge of programming language or HTML to edit it. There are many types of software available in the market for self editing website using which you can easily update the website. Self editing website has helped the owner of the website in many ways and now they don't have to search for any Freelance web designer or companies.

After designing and hosting the website it is very necessary that you create traffic on your website to make it popular, there comes SEO services or Search Engine Optimization. SEO services are nothing but techniques to make your website more popular and create more traffic to your websites.

With growing popularity of internet among users SEO services is very much needed to make user aware of your online services. SEO services are also called internet marketing used to create traffic on your website. Increasing popularity of the internet has now compelled every company to opt for SEO services.